We appreciate your visiting to the homepage of MYEONG WOO MICRON SYSTEM. This homepage is handling company introduction of MYEONG WOO MICRON SYSTEM, guidance about products and directory of principal clients. If you have any questions about the products, please leave the questions in the bulletin board or inquire or contact us by telephone or fax for your inquiry.
MYEONG WOO MICRON SYSTEM always makes its best to recompense customers with the best quality and after service.
MYEONG WOO MICRON SYSTEM was established in 1983 and now produces various mills, separators and valves etc. and goes ahead as a growing company with customers.
Based on the accumulated technologies through design, construction and trial operation for related instruments to food, chemical and medicine manufacturing and various transportation equipment plants, we promise to approach customers with better quality.
In addition, driers, mixers and valves are being export to Japan, china and Indonesia and all of our staff are trying to satisfy customers.

We sincerely appreciate all the customers for visiting to our homepage.

                                                                            Representative Lim in hwan

  302 dong-a building an industrial complex 62B Namdong Gojan-dong 632 Namdong-gu Incheon        (Seoul 405-817 Korea)
TEL(032) 812 - 3251~4
FAX (032) 812 - 3255
e-mail: myeongwoo@hanmail.net